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Underwater Photography Housings

Nauticam NA-D90


SCUBAPIX INSIGHT: "The D90 has been the favoured camera for many underwater photography enthusiasts and continues to deliver in this demanding and competitive market. Especially combined with a housing as good as the Nauticam NA-D90."
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Nauticam's first underwater camera housing, the NA-D90, for the Nikon D90, combines innovative ideas and high precision engineering into a compact body.

The positively received Nikon D90 camera has been labeled the "best value" DSLR; it is the first ever DSLR camera with high definition video capabilities - it has the ability to record HD 720p videos at 24 frames per second. Also notable is the camera's 12.3 megapixel resolution, TTL compatibility, high dynamic range and live view capability.

One of the most unique aspects of the Nauticam housing is the easy-to-use port lock system.

The innovative mechanical design of the port locking system makes the installation smooth and handy.

To install a port, simply turn the locking lever down until you hear a click sound, push the port in line with the index sign and turn the lever back to its original position to lock it in place. The inside bayonet ring is the secret to the trick - no thread or screw needed. And simply put the lever down again to release the port.

The Live view/OK lever of the NA-D90 housing is specially designed so that the HD video recording function of the camera can be easily and conveniently operated underwater.

Shooting stills and video on the same dive has never been easier.

Nauticam System Builder

Nauticam System Builder


Technical Data

Depth rating: 75 metres

Housing body: Anodized aluminum alloy
Display window: Abrasion resistant polycarbonate
Grip handles: Polycarbonate and rubber

Width: 347 mm; Height: 195mm; Thickness: 133mm

Weight: Approx. 2.68 kg (without camera)

Buoyancy: Slightly negative


» NA-D90 Manual

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