16113 Nauticam C200 Housing for Canon EOS C200 Digital Cinema Camera

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Canon describes their EOS C200 Cinema Camera as a "ready-to-go" production camera. 

The C200 couples a small form factor coupled with the ability to capture 12bit RAW DCI 4K and the ability to use the full EF lens lineup. 

Nauticam has always been at the forefront of housing development for the modular cinema camera with housings for RED, BlackMagic and ARRI cameras. 

Nauticam continues the line now with the NA-C200 for the Canon C200.






Nauticam has long been producing industry-leading housings for Cinema cameras and have taken that experience to create the most advanced underwater cinema system housing available.  

Taking advantage of the small form factor of the C200, the Nauticam NA-C200 is both ultra-portable yet offers full access to the camera's critical functions. 

Nauticam has taken a modular approach to the C200 system, similar to that of the DCS housings for RED and ARRI cameras with a wide variety of add-ons from top-handles to skids and movable trim weights. 

The NA-C200 features multiple bulkhead openings for HDMI/SDI Bulkheads and when paired with the NA-502S allows for the use of the SmallHD 502 monitor with SDI support.  In bright conditions or if a monitor is not called for, the EVF can be used and enhanced with a Nauticam magnifying viewfinder, available in either traditional 180º or angled 45º.

The housing includes the newest version of the venerable Nauticam Cinema Skids that feature tracks along which the accompanying trim weights can be moved to achieve perfect trim for the shot. 

Mounts on the housing itself also allow for direct attachment of the trim weights to allow for either a fixed trim or for when using tripod legs instead of the skids.

As with previous Cinema System housings, the Nauticam NA-C200 features large control knobs for focus and zoom also feature marking disks that can be removed and marked with the desired lens position or focus information.

The NA-C200 comes with the Nauticam Vacuum Check and Leak Detection electronics installed and with the addition of a vacuum valve gives temperature compensated (important for cinema cameras that generate significant sensor heat) visual indications via a large multi-color LED on the rear of the housing as to the watertightness of the system.


Connect the C200 to an external monitor or surface support with an HDMI or SDI bulkhead. 

The C200 features SDI and HDMI output.


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