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About Us

We don't just talk about underwater cameras - we dive, service and sell them. Our customers are in the water every day of the year using the equipment we sell.



Established in 1990, Scubapix has been Australia's leading source of underwater imaging solutions for over 30 years.

During this time, the company has evolved from humble origins to become a pioneer and global leader in underwater photography and videography - a position built upon the back of decades of experience using, making and developing underwater imaging equipment.  

Our mission is to ensure your system is the system for you - whether you’re new to underwater photography or a professional underwater cinematographer, we can guide you through the ever-expanding array of underwater housings, underwater optics, underwater lighting and accessories to create an underwater imaging solution that best accommodates your needs and budget.



We have also partnered with Nauticam since its inception in 2008, evolving in symbiosis to remain at the frontier of technological advancement. Utilising our unparalleled knowledge and experience, extensive engineering prowess and cutting-edge production methods to deliver the most advanced underwater camera systems into the hands of you, the customer.  

In recent years, Nauticam have developed a range of wet lenses and optics that are engineered specifically for underwater use, not waterproof adaptations of lenses designed for use in air, resulting in far superior image quality and sharpness.

We also stock a range of other brands to round out your complete system, with underwater strobes from Inon, Retra and Sea & Sea and video lights from Keldan. All of our stocked brands have been thoroughly used, examined and tested by our experts so as to ensure that you buy only the best of the best.

We take the guess work out of selecting the best options available to build your complete underwater system.

Our experts are always a phone call away to receive your queries regarding our underwater photography and videography equipment and services - please do not hesitate to get in touch

Call us now on 07 4031 7655