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Wide Angle Conversion Lenses

Wide Angle Conversion Ports are conversion lenses with in-water correction.  Simply put, they convert an off-the-shelf lens to be wider and corrects it for in-water use.

Nauticam's wide angle conversion lenses are engineered with the same level of precision and vision that has gone into the "best in class" Macro Converter line. These completely sealed and underwater mountable optics are designed to be used in water - with the refractive index of optical glass to water accounted for at every step in the design process.  Optimized for best wide angle performance at the 28mm equivalent focal length, the lens offers 130° diagonal field of view with low distortion, extremely high overall sharpness (especially in the corners), excellent contrast, and resistance to flare.

  • 83203 Wet Wide Lens Compact  (WWL-C)
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    83203 Wet Wide Lens Compact (WWL-C)

    $ AUD1,595.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD1,450.00 (Ex. GST)

    Nauticam has developed a smaller and lighter water contact wide angle lens tailored specifically to the compact camera user.  Designed from the ground up to match the compact camera's form factor without sacrificing optical quality, The WWL-C is a...

  • 85204 Wide Angle Conversion Port - 2 (WACP-2)
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    85204 Wide Angle Conversion Port - 2 (WACP-2)

    $ AUD11,175.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD10,159.09 (Ex. GST)

    The WACP-1 has set the standard for what is possible when cutting-edge lens design is applied to underwater imaging, delivering an ultra-sharp 130º field-of-view close-focus low-distortion corrective optic. While the WACP-1 was designed to work...

  • 83201 Wet Wide Lens (WWL-1)
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    83201 Wet Wide Lens (WWL-1)

    $ AUD1,998.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD1,816.36 (Ex. GST)

      Introducing WWL-1 THE WET WIDE LENS featuring 130 Degree Field of View on 28mm Systems Nauticam is proud to officially unveil the latest in a ground breaking line of underwater optics, the Wet Wide Lens (WWL-1). WWL-1 is the highest quality...