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17812 NA-TG5 housing for Olympus Tough TG-5 / TG6 camera (M52 THREAD)

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The NA-TG6 brings legendary Nauticam durability and ergonomics to the Olympus TG-5 and TG-6. The milled aluminum housing incorporates features pioneered in the SLR, mirrorless and digital cinema lines. All of the camera controls are clearly labeled, and the video record button is easily identified by shape and color.

The proven rotary locking latch makes closing the housing simple and secure. The integrated thumb grip and sculpted shutter button make handling the housing intuitive and comfortable.

The NA-TG5 comes with handle brackets and a shutter release extension for users that wish to use the optional handles and trays.

Other housing features include 2 fiber optic ports, easy access zoom lever, a 52mm threaded mount for auxiliary lenses, scratch resistant rear window, M10 threaded hole and cold shoe attachment point.


The TG-6's underwater modes have received a lot of attention from Olympus.  There are now underwater-specific macro (think small fish) and microscope modes.  There are also now depth-range specific white balances for wide angle.  Underwater shallow, mid-range and deep correspond to 0-10' for shallow, 10-50' for mid-range and 50'+ for deep.   


When using the TG-5 outside of microscope mode, exceptional macro images can still be achieved using the Nauticam CMC-1 magnifying optic which can be used between 28-77mm equivalent focal lengths.  



  • NA-TG5 housing
  • A pair of handle brackets with screws
  • Shutter release extension
  • Spare silicone rubber O-ring for housing
  • O-ring remover
  • Lubricant
  • Set of Allen keys
  • Instruction manual