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16410 N120 to N200 Port Adaptor for Epic/Weapon LT Housings

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N120 to N200 Port Adaptor for Epic/Weapon LT Housings

The N200 Port System features larger port opening than N120, and allows many large diameter cinema styled lenses to be used underwater. This part was created specifically to expand the lens support options available for our N120 "LT" Housings for RED DSMC1 and DSMC2 cameras, but it also provides a path to use these lenses on DSLR systems, or even a Sony A7 via a combination of adaptors.

When used with a RED Camera, only compatible with the RED DSMC PL Mount or the DSMC Canon Mount.


The N200 Adaptor includes a large diameter focus knob for precise focus control, and custom machined gearing keeps play to a minimum. An optional handle can be installed above this grip providing a short reach to the focus control.

Iris is controlled with the housing zoom / focus control knob, located at the left handle. This placement allows fine exposure control while recording from a comfortably placed rubberized knob.

An integrated PL Locking Ring control allows the RED DSMC2 PL Mount to be unlocked, and a lens removed, while the camera is mounted in the housing. This mechanism can also be removed, allowing some of the largest diameter lenses available to be used with an EF Mount (eg Tokina Cinema T1.5 Vista Series).

Supported PL Mount Cinema Lenses

  • Arri Ultra Primes (including UP 8R)
  • Atlas Lens Co. Orion Anamorphic Series
  • Leica Summicron-C
  • Leica Thalia
  • Zeiss CP.2

Supported EF Mount Cinema Lenses

  • Atlas Lens Co. Orion Anamorphic Series
  • Canon CN-E
  • Sigma Cinema Primes
  • Tokina Cinema T1.5 Vista Primes
  • Zeiss CP.2
  • Zeiss CP.3

Unsupported Cinema Lenses

  • Arri Master Primes
  • Arri Master Anamorphics
  • Celere HS

Contact us for more support information for unlisted lenses.