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ONE160x Canon E-TTL

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ONE 160C
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Underwater Digital Strobe - CANON


A power suitable for wide angle photos, even backlit or the most technical macro, without any need to increase ISO on your digital cameras.

A high-quality light without any compromise, with a wide, uniform coverage and a slightly warm colour temperature.

A modern, highly efficient electronics, versatile in use, with syncro cable and fiber-optics cable connections, supported by on-board TTL digital protocols.

A strobe simple to use, with ergonomic controls, with easy-to-read settings.

A quality product, extremely robust and reliable.


Power, digital control and advanced functions, great reliability.
  • Maximum energy 157 Ws (J)
  • i-TTL Nikon, E-TTL Canon, s-TTL optical fiber, on-board digital protocols
  • Double CPU for TTL protocols and power circuits


A realization with no compromises, robustness, precision and finish at levels of excellence.
  • High-quality hard anodized anticorodal aluminium strobe body
  • Stainless steel control shafts with double sealing o-ring
  • Extremely strong construction, maximum operating depth 200m



Ergonomics in the foreground. Essential, large, easy to handle.

  • Large size ergonomic controls, realy easy to operate
  • Simple and rational layout, large maneuvering area
  • Easily readable wide control display


Easy to use, logical and intuitive operation, great visibility.
  • Shooting modes: Nikon i-TTL, Canon E-TTL, s-TTL, film TTL, manual
  • Energy control - manual mode - at ½ f-stop increments over a range of - 6
  • Exposure compensation - TTL mode - at ⅓ f-stop increments over a range of +/- 2


The best light to paint your images.
  • Guide Number 20 (ISO100-1m-full power) with coverage angle of 130°
  • Circular flash lamp, warm coating, on parabolic reflector with dome port
  • LED coaxial pilot light with two power levels and AF assistance mode


Power supply
Great efficiency and autonomy, safety without risks.
  • Removable NiMH battery pack
  • High battery capacity, more than 250 flashes at full power
  • Fast recycling times, managed by CPU, from 0.1 to 1.8 seconds


Full interface, no limitations on use.
The strobe is equipped with both S6 type synchro cable socket and Sea&Sea type fiber-optic cable socket.
The connections arranged in line on the body back make it easier to operate on the main controls and protect the cables from the stress of accentuated bending, thanks to their natural orientation.
An optical receiver is located on the front reflector for slave flash mode.