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Retra Diffuser

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Retra Diffuser
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Diffuser compatible with the Retra Flash PRO and Prime strobes.

The Retra Diffuser is available in three models

Retra White Diffuser

The White diffuser does not change the color temperature +/- 0K and slightly softens the light by decreasing the overall light output by -0.2 F-stop. The White diffuser is especially suited to green water dives or situations with high chance for backscatter.

Retra Wide Angle Diffuser

The Wide angle diffuser shifts the color temperature by -500K and softens the light by reducing the overall light output by -0.6 F-stop. The Wide angle diffuser is designed for all types of wide angle photography in blue waters.

Retra Shark Diffuser

The Shark diffuser shifts the color temperature by -1000K and reduces the overall light output by -0.8 F-stopThe Shark diffuser is designed to prevent overexposing shark bellies and to give an especially warm light output for a more vivid blue background. The Shark diffuser is suitable also to other large animals and schools of fish.