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81211 Multiplier I (use with SMC-I)

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The multiplier lens elements are precision crafted of specially formulated low-dispersion optical-grade glass and ground to the most demanding standards.

These exceptional measures, enhanced by broadband anti-refective coatings effectively reduce common optical issues such as chromatic aberrations, coma, spherical aberration, and field deformation associated with underwater macro photography using traditional magnifying lenses. T

hese optics are assembled in a rugged hard anodized aluminum housing, and nitrogen purged during assembly to eliminate fogging.

The Multiplier-1, when added onto an SMC-1 paired with a 100/105mm macro lens on a full-frame camera can give 3.5x magnification.

The Multiplier-1 can be mounted directly to the SM-1 with the available threads or can be mounted by a special flip mount that allows for use of either the SMC-1 by itself or with the Multiplier-1 as well.