83213 M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter

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Nauticam M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter for Wet Lenses (WWL-1)
The bayonet adaptor and installation tool.
Orient the adaptor so that the "0" on the adaptor aligns with the "0" on the port.
Insert the installation tool into the adaptor.
Turn the installation tool clockwise until the bayonet adaptor is held tightly on the port.
The bayonet adaptor properly installed on a Nauticam flat port.
Align the "I" on the WWL with the "I" on the bayonet adaptor, insert the WWL, then twist clockwise until the "I" on the WWL aligns with the "0" on the bayonet adaptor.
Once the WWL is rotated into final position, it will automatically latch into the bayonet adaptor.
The first time you mount the WWL after installing the bayonet adaptor, you will likely find that the dome shade is not in the proper position.  Loosen the four thumbscrews on the back of the dome shade, then rotate the dome shade to its proper orientation.  When you are satisfied with its position, tighten the thumbscrews.  Use only your fingers to tighten the thumbscrews.
To remove the WWL, press, and hold, the red button toward the housing (away from the WWL), turn the WWL anti-clockwise until it can be removed.

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