The Nikon D5 - the most powerful camera in Nikon history blazes in with a phenomenal new autofocus system, highest standards of expanded ISO sensitivity, turbocharged workflow, and exceptional durability, for superlative flexibility to shoot both stills and 4K movies

The next-generation flagship model that expands photographic possibilities for professional photographers, the Nikon D5, is announced by Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd. today. This latest Nikon-FX format DSLR camera is developed with advanced specifications that include significantly improved moving subject acquisition capabilities, and compelling image quality at high sensitivities to enable excellent response to a wide variety of scenes and subjects.

  • Nauticam

    17216 NA-D810 housing for Nikon D810 camera

    $ AUD3,790.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD3,445.45 (Ex. GST)

    Nauticam is pleased to announce the latest release in its acclaimed line of precision crafted camera housings, the NA-D810 Housing for Nikon’s 36.3 megapixel D810. NA-D810 is the first underwater housing for Nikon D810 to be shown publicly, and...

  • Nauticam

    17217 NA-D750 housing for Nikon D750 camera

    $ AUD5,082.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD4,620.00 (Ex. GST)

    THE NA-D750 UNDERWATER HOUSING The operation of the housing in water is intuitive, comfortable, and ergonomic. Key controls are placed within easy reach of the housing handles, exactly where the underwater photographer needs them. All controls are...

  • Nauticam

    17218 NA-D7200 housing for Nikon D7100 & D7200

    $ AUD3,290.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD2,990.91 (Ex. GST)

    NA-D7200 Housing for Nikon D7200, D7100 Cameras The NA-D7200 is 15% lighter than the NA-D7000, has improved ergonomics and the company’s vacuum electronics are factory installed. It also features a redesigned camera saddle with a vacuum system...

  • Nauticam

    17219 NA-D5 Housing for Nikon D5

    $ AUD8,225.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD7,477.27 (Ex. GST)

    THE NAUTICAM NA-D5 UNDERWATER HOUSING Nauticam housings are evolutionary marvels, with advancements from previous systems providing the foundation that new models are built on. The Nauticam NA-D5 housing incorporates advances from the NA-D4 that...

  • Nauticam

    17220 NA-D500 Housing for Nikon D500

    $ AUD4,995.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD4,540.91 (Ex. GST)

    THE NAUTICAM NA-D500 UNDERWATER HOUSING The Nauticam NA-D500 housing further enhances the market leading Nauticam ergonomic experience with improved control placement, a more sophisticated flash triggering system (with optional TTL upgrade), and...

  • Nauticam

    17222 NA-D850 Housing for Nikon D850

    $ AUD5,575.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD5,068.18 (Ex. GST)

    THE NAUTICAM NA-D850 UNDERWATER HOUSING Innovation, ergonomics, and reliability are the hallmarks of the Nauticam brand. Every new housing design is carefully crafted based on feedback from Nauticam users around the globe. Feedback gained from the...

  • 17225 NA-D6 Housing for Nikon D6 Camera

    $ AUD8,225.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD7,477.27 (Ex. GST)

    Nikon pro-series bodies are the cameras that can go anywhere, withstanding unbelievable punishment in the field, and bring back images bordering on the fringes of what is possible from current imaging technology. The Nauticam NA-D6 is an ergonomic,...

  • Nauticam

    NA-D7500 Housing for Nikon D7500 Camera

    $ AUD4,840.00 (Inc. GST)
    $ AUD4,400.00 (Ex. GST)

    THE NAUTICAM NA-D7500 UNDERWATER HOUSING Nauticam housings are evolutionary marvels, with advancements from previous Nauticam for Nikon systems providing the foundation that this new model was built on. Customer feedback is integrated at every...